NEU Skin Ageless Series Introduction

Reiz Skin Renewal Professional

Safe and reliable

REIZ has successfully developed the safest and the most efficient formula.

Today, REIZ has become a world-renowned brand, with their products well acclaimed by many domestic and international medical cosmetological users.

Most recommended

REIZ ReSurfacing Solution

Anti-Aging | Whitening | Depigmentation | Firming | Anti-wrinkles | Anti-slackening
REIZ ReSurfacing Solution made out of the exclusive formula with “Bio-microneedle” technology that is derived from rare plants. Its Bio-microneedles penetrates into dermis layer instantly and safely in order to activate cells self-defensive system for the effective results in whitening, depigmentation, firming, pores shrinking, cells self-healing, boosting cells metabolism to promote skin glow, collagen and elastin regeneration.

Non-invasive· Safe·Hygiene 

Unlike the traditional Microneedle therapy System (MTS) in the market

A safe and direct way to penetrate serum into micro-channels without causing wounds, skin infection, skin irritation etc to epidermis layer unlike the traditional MTS.

REIZ Recommendation

REIZ Luminous M-4 Ampoule

Hydrating and locking moisture | Melanin-eliminating formula | Ideal for all skin types
REIZ Luminous M-4 Ampoule contains Nobel M-4 complex which 200 times stronger effect than
Precedent whitening products. It is an advanced lightening and elasticity kit designed to regain skins inherent luminosity. An array of light-transformation benefits uniquely empowers skin by correcting yellowish, dull and uneven skin tones.

Triple Protections:

The treatment is further augmented with a complex of 4 intensive active ingredients that target existing melanin and prevent future discoloration.
Acting on 3 important levels: The complex targets the root source by preventing melanin before synthesis, treating melanin during synthesis and reducing melanin after synthesis. This revolutionary 3 dimensional approach strongly inhibits melanin via the 3 respective pathways in the melanin cascade.

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